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Mix Modelling

Find your optimum marketing mix. Identify which marketing channels are contributing the most value for your business and predict the point at which additional investments will no longer result in a significant ROI.

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Marketing mix modelling: The future of measurement

Marketing measurement looks a lot different today than it did a few years ago. Marketers are now faced with the challenge of measuring the impact of their marketing campaigns in a world where consumers are increasingly privacy-conscious and using marketing techniques that can’t be tracked (i.e. ‘Dark Social’). This has led to a renewed focus on marketing mix modelling, a statistical technique that can be used to estimate the impact of different marketing channels on revenue and predict the point of diminishing returns.

Our marketing mix modelling solution gives you the transparency you need to make informed decisions about your marketing spend and strategy. Ruler's MMM uses a variety of data sources, including first-party data, to show the impact of different marketing touchpoints and can identify the point at which additional investment in a marketing channel will no longer result in a proportional increase in sales or revenue. 

Impression attribution

There are many invisible touchpoints that can have a significant impact on your marketing ROI but can be difficult to measure. With Ruler's statistical modelling, you can analyse the true impact of these touchpoints and make evidence-based decisions for your company.

Diminishing returns

There will be a point at which your ROI will eventually plateau as you spend more money. Not only can Ruler model your ROI, but it also identifies the point at which your channels' ROI starts to diminish. This information allows you to workout how much you should increase or decrease your spend on a particular channel.

Budget optimiser

Ruler’s budget optimiser uses diminishing returns to identify the optimal spend for each marketing channel. It does this by shifting recommended budget from channels that have reached the point of diminishing returns to those that have not, such as from Google search to print advertising.

Predicted upside

The budget optimiser shows how your reallocated spend will impact your sales and revenue. For example, in this case, you can expect an additional £1.3 million in sales, which will increase your ROI from £1.9 million to £2.1 million.

Benefits of using Ruler’s MMM

1. Holistic view of marketing effectiveness

Ruler’s marketing mix modelling gives an aggregated, top-down view of marketing across different channels and over a certain period, allowing businesses to understand how various marketing tactics contribute to overall sales and closed deals. 

2. Determines the impact on non-digital factors

By taking into account external factors such as seasonality, economic conditions, competitor actions, and offline marketing initiatives, MMM can provide a more comprehensive view of what drives revenue.

3. Effective measurement in the era of data privacy

MMM is an approach that can be used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns even in the wake of privacy-related changes such as Apple's ATT, GDPR, and the deprecation of third-party cookies.

4. Validating results with incrementality testing

Incrementality testing is a hot trend in marketing. Ruler’s MMM helps validate incrementality and lift tests by providing data to understand marketing channel impact on revenue and ROI.

Track invisible touches with MMM
Remove the ghosts from your marketing reports. Impression level attribution allows you to truly track the untrackable.