Track all of your revenue data in ChartMogul with Ruler's integration

Overview of integration

ChartMogul is a must-have tool if you operate on a subscription basis. It allows you to track your MRR and understand it on a deeper level. Its insights allow you to better understand your opportunities to drive more revenue.

Integrating ChartMogul with Ruler is a great way for businesses operating on a subscription basis to better track their sales, including offline sales.

Let's look at how it works in practice.

Key benefits

When you're operating on a subscription basis, you want to be sure you're effectively tracking your inbound sales. But many marketers struggle with this when it happens offline.

With Ruler in place, that's no longer an issue.

But there are other benefits to integrating ChartMogul and Ruler. You can:

  • Attribute your closed revenue accurately to your marketing channels, campaigns and keywords
  • Calculate your true ROI
  • Optimise your marketing campaigns based on what drives more revenue, not leads
  • Attribute revenue of upgrades and cross sells

Key features

Close the loop

Ruler's integration with ChartMogul is simple. You can push your closed revenue from your CRM directly into ChartMogul through Ruler. But, even better, you can push offline closed revenue in too. So, if you use a sales team that closes via calls, email or meetings, then you can track this within ChartMogul automatically, and accurately.

Track your upsells and cross-sells

While Ruler can attribute your revenue to your marketing on a one-off basis it can carry on tracking your customers post-sale. That means if you upsell or cross-sell to them, you can still track it plus attribute it.

These are important stages of the customer journey in a subscription-based business, so it's vital you know how to track them.