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By booking a demo of Ruler Analytics, you will see first hand how we can support you to link closed revenue back to your marketing campaigns. You'll learn how to:
  • track every click, call and conversion driven to your website
  • close the loop between your leads and revenue
  • integrate your CRM, your website and your reporting tools
  • evidence the effectiveness of your marketing

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How Ruler works

Track website visitors and touchpoints  - Ruler Analytics

Step 1

Track website visitors and touchpoints

Anonymous people visit your website. Ruler allows you to track each visitor across multiple sessions along with marketing variables such as source, channel, campaign and keyword.

Step 2

Match leads to their marketing data

When a user converts into a lead by phone, form or live chat, Ruler will match this new lead to their previous marketing interactions and fire it to your CRM.

Match leads to marketing - Ruler Analytics
Close the Loop Ruler Analytics

Step 3

Close the loop

When your lead converts, Ruler will scrape the revenue data in the CRM and fire it to your preferred marketing analytics tools. It will be attributed to the marketing channels and campaigns that influenced the sale. 

In Ruler, you'll be able to switch between attribution models to find one that works best for you.