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Stop reporting on marketing's potential

What, if instead of asking for a report on impressions, clicks and conversions, you asked for a report that highlights exactly what sales were generated by which channels.

While likes, followers, impressions and clicks highlight the potential of your marketing, it means very little when it comes to real impact.

Arm your team with the right tools

Does your team struggle to collate marketing data?

While they might have a good idea of lead volume, chances are they struggle to determine lead quality. Even worse, they probably struggle to know which channels and campaigns drive the best quality leads.

By arming your marketing team with the tools they need, they can optimise their outputs and spend their time (and your budget) on what works.

Sales and Marketing Tech Stack Attribution

How Ruler can help maximise your resources

With marketing attribution tools like ours, your team can pinpoint which parts of their marketing work, and which parts don’t.
You can see how many leads, and how many sales, marketing is bringing in and identify issues that need troubleshooting.

And you know what that means? Improved sales and more revenue at a lower cost (both time and money).

How Ruler works

Track your leads

Anonymous people visit your website from different sources and keywords.

Ruler tracks each visitor across multiple sessions, alongside marketing variables such as source, channel, campaign and keywords

Matching conversions

Once a visitor converts via form submission, phone call or live chat conversation, Ruler matches the real users details with their previous interactions and marketing touchpoints

Conversion Tracking and Marketing Attribution


The conversion data is sent to your CRM or sales reporting tools alongside marketing data such as channel, source, campaign, keyword and landing page.

Close the loop

Upon conversion, revenue is attributed to the channels, campaigns and keywords that influenced it.

The attributed revenue data can also be fired to your marketing reporting tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more.

Join 1000s of other marketers who just can’t get enough of Ruler Analytics

Marketing professionals from organisations across the world in a wide range of industries are reaping the rewards that Ruler’s marketing attribution solution can provide.
Victoria Foster - Hitsearch
“With the help of Ruler we were able to start tracking the source of calls, and saw that channels such as paid were responsible for 91% of all calls”
Victoria Foster
Dylan Walsh - Circleloop
“Optimisation of campaigns and landing pages since introducing Ruler has seen a 155% year on year increase in conversion rates, with 54% increase in conversions attributed to Google Paid activity.”
Dylan Walsh