Track offline conversions without the headache

Do you struggle to track offline conversions like phone calls? Bring your leads into focus with offline conversion tracking.
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Track every conversion, online or offline

Set your marketing campaigns live and let Ruler do the hard work. We'll track those tricky conversions like phone calls, store visits, emails etc.

Phone Call Tracking Report


Evidence using revenue, not clicks

Get proof that your marketing is impacting leads and revenue, no matter where those sales are taking place.

Live Chat Revenue Report


Optimise with full insight

Now you're tracking all of your conversions, we'll give you what you need to make data-driven decisions that will impact your ROI.

Identify true cost per sale

Connect customer touchpoints, no matter where they happen

Ruler solves the disconnect between sales and marketing by seamlessly connecting the leads generated by your marketing activity to your sales reporting, and pushes valuable revenue data to the marketing reporting tools you use the most.

What's true data visibility worth to you and your business?

With marketing budgets under constant scrutiny you need to be able to prove that what you’re doing is making a difference to your organisation’s revenue while keeping costs low.

Ruler can give you the data visibility you need. So, what are you waiting for?
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Join 1000s of other marketers who just can’t get enough of Ruler Analytics

Marketing professionals from organisations across the world in a wide range of industries are reaping the rewards that Ruler’s marketing attribution solution can provide.
Victoria Foster - Hitsearch
“With the help of Ruler we were able to start tracking the source of calls, and saw that channels such as paid were responsible for 91% of all calls”
Victoria Foster
Dylan Walsh - Circleloop
“Optimisation of campaigns and landing pages since introducing Ruler has seen a 155% year on year increase in conversion rates, with 54% increase in conversions attributed to Google Paid activity.”
Dylan Walsh