Sales Opportunity Attribution

Ruler's automatic attribution lets you make decisions with confidence. Whether that's qualifying leads or allocating budgets. Save time and attribute leads automatically to your pipeline.

Automatically link your pipeline to your lead sources

With opportunity attribution, you can see how many leads are in each stage of your pipeline. And, you can understand which sources are helping more prospects along your pipeline.

Companies making more of their data with Ruler

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Track every lead and their source

Forget asking your customer how they found you. With an attribution tool, you can track each and every lead and automatically learn their true source.

Link your website and your CRM

Normally, your website tracks data independently from your CRM. But with Ruler, you can link the two and pass data between them.

It allows your sales team to be better informed about your prospects and their needs.

Sales and Marketing Misalignment

Break down the wall between sales and marketing

With opportunity attribution, you can ensure your sales and marketing teams are working together towards the same goals and using the same metrics.