Unlock web form lead details and data

Use form tracking to better understand where your leads are coming from. View forms as part of full customer journeys to see what is - and isn’t - influencing your customers.
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Web form tracking Ruler Analytics
Form Tracking Report Ruler Analytics

Go beyond form submission volume

Knowing the number of forms being filled in each month is important. What’s better is knowing what percentage of those go on to become customers.

Fill in the data gap and see which leads from form submissions go on to close into revenue. 

Identify your most lucrative marketing channels

Not sure if PPC is driving high-quality leads? Now you can find out.
Attribute closed revenue back to marketing channels and campaigns and see how forms play a part in your full customer journey. 

Live Chat Revenue Report
Web Form Customer Journey

Bring your leads into focus

Users don’t land on your website and convert right away. It takes time. Track your website users through every step of the journey. Understand how marketing channels and campaigns work together to influence your leads and customers.

Break down how your channels and landing pages are working together to convert your traffic.

Join 1000s of other marketers who just can’t get enough of Ruler Analytics

Marketing professionals from organisations across the world in a wide range of industries are reaping the rewards that Ruler’s marketing attribution solution can provide.
Victoria Foster - Hitsearch
“With the help of Ruler we were able to start tracking the source of calls, and saw that channels such as paid were responsible for 91% of all calls”
Victoria Foster
Dylan Walsh - Circleloop
“Optimisation of campaigns and landing pages since introducing Ruler has seen a 155% year on year increase in conversion rates, with 54% increase in conversions attributed to Google Paid activity.”
Dylan Walsh

How form tracking with Ruler works...

Track website visitors and touchpoints  - Ruler Analytics

Step 1

Track website visitors and touchpoints

Anonymous people visit your website. Ruler allows you to track each visitor across multiple sessions along with marketing variables such as source, channel, campaign and keyword.

Step 2

Match leads to their marketing data

When a user converts into a lead by phone, form or live chat, Ruler will match this new lead to their previous marketing interactions and fire it to your CRM.

Match leads to marketing - Ruler Analytics
Close the Loop Ruler Analytics

Step 3

Close the loop

When your lead converts, Ruler will scrape the revenue data in the CRM and fire it to your preferred marketing analytics tools. It will be attributed to the marketing channels and campaigns that influenced the sale. 

In Ruler, you'll be able to switch between attribution models to find one that works best for you.

Track form submissions, track leads, track revenue
Ruler goes beyond just counting form submissions. It allows you to understand how marketing influenced a new form submission and track that user's full customer journey.