Google Analytics

Close the loop to send revenue back to Google Analytics

Overview of integration

Did you know that Ruler is an official Google technology partner?

It puts us in prime position to truly understand how we can better support you when using Google products.

Google Analytics has to be the most-used analytics tool in the world. It allows you to accurately assess the performance of your website and get deeper insight into the performance of your marketing.

With Ruler integrated however, you'll get deeper insights including revenue attribution, direct conversions and more.

Key benefits

Google Analytics on its own is a fantastic tool to assess your marketing impact. But when you integrate with Ruler Analytics, your GA account goes to whole new heights.

Ruler attributes closed revenue in your CRM back to your analytics tools. Google Analytics is one such tool.

Ruler will accurately attribute revenue to the influencing marketing touchpoints.

Other benefits of this integration include:

  • Direct proof of marketing ROI thanks to revenue attribution
  • Real-time data that you can use to optimise your marketing
  • Conversion data based on real value, not assumed goal values
  • Continuous loop of data to ensure you have the most up to date reporting

Key features

Measure your lead quality

Google Analytics allows you to place values against conversions, but these are estimate values.

And they're also not guaranteed since they're on a lead basis.

With Ruler in tow, you can apply real revenue values to your conversions, based on actual sales, not just leads.

This gives you real insight into your lead quality as you can assess and compare lead generation to revenue generation.

Integrating Ruler Analytics into your Google Analytics will allow you to pinpoint low and high-quality leads. And more importantly, the channels and campaigns that generate them.

Optimise your marketing using real-time data

Ruler’s integration allows you to see revenue in Google Analytics in real time.

And even better, you can measure which channels and campaigns are working the hardest to drive new customers or clients.

Once you know what’s working, you can optimise and track improvements. Before you know it, you’ll be scaling your budgets and scaling your business.

See which channels are driving the most leads, and revenue

Once integrated, we can feed constant data into your Google Analytics.

Ruler Analytics works automatically.

So, as soon as revenue data is applied to a contact in your CRM, it's scraped and sent out to your analytics tools.

Ruler will add revenue attribution data to your acquisition reports, so you can understand how your marketing is working to drive revenue.